Wednesday, April 21, 2004

spring versus winter 

I love the warmer weather that comes with spirng
and summer. I love opening my windows all the way
and watching my cat bask in the sunlight while I
drink my coffee and blast Coltrane's Love Supreme.
I love sitting on my friend's stoop knitting and talking.
But I'm a much bigger fan of fall and winter than I am
of the warmer weather.

It's easier to be comfortable in fall and winter. An
extra blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, an extra layer
of clothing....in summer it's much harder to keep cool.
I hate turning on the air conditioning because my
electric bill in July is usually three times what it would
be in October. In winter you can bundle up to stay
warm if you have to go outside but there isn't any way
to stay cool when it's 95 and humid outside.

Saturday, April 17, 2004


I made myself some real nice Thai ginger chicken
for dinner which I don't feel like eating right now
because the pizza I had this afternoon is wrecking
havoc in my stomach. I've also realized that this
is something like my 87th entry since Thursday.
If I may quote Gladiator, "are you not entertained?"

Speaking of Russell Crowe I watched Master and
Commander last night. It was absolutely amazing.
Although the battle scenes were incredible, it was
much more of a character oriented story than is
typical for this kind of movie. It was a very low
key movie. I think that's the reason why it wasn't
more successful during its theatrical run. There
weren't enough battle scenes for the general
movie going public. A lot of times one is sitting
through this kind of movie waiting for stuff to
blow up; it was refreshing to see an adventure
movie in which the least interesting parts were
the battle scenes.

In other movie news, I saw a wonderful movie
at the film festival on Thursday called Wilbur
Wants to Kill Himself. A little slice of life dark
comedy about working class Scottish folk.
Which was odd because the movie was made
by a Danish crew. I would never have seen it
if my friend Crystal hadn't suggested it and I
was quite glad I did.

speaking as a fan... 

I fucking hate Hyperspace, the new subscription-only
service on the official Star Wars website. We go to the
movies, we buy the action figures/soundtracks/posters
coffee mugs or whatever, give us a break already George.
You make enough dough off of us; surely you afford to
post some pictures from the set of episode III without
charging us.

That is all.

Friday, April 16, 2004


It occurs to me that I have written little if anything
about my fat cats, while I have written plenty about
science fiction. So here's a few things about my cats
because I am bored at work:

General George Anakin Thunk suffers from delusions
of daintiness. For those who have not met him in
person, he ways about 18 pounds. Most of it is not
flab though; he's just a big solid cat. He tries ever
so valiantly to squeeze his bulk into spaces that are
way to small for him. It's pretty funny sometimes.

The light will sometimes reflect off of my cats' eyes,
to the point where all you can see are the glowing
evil irises. Gollum kitties. I usually see the Gollum
kitty phenomenon while I'm stumbling to the bathroom
half asleep in the wee hours of the morning. That's
all for now....

this evening's excitement 

It involves a mug of beer and a viewing of Master and
Commander. I'm kicking myself for not having seen it
in the theatre. I'm finding that it's harder and harder
to find the time to actually go to the theatre and see
all the movies I want to see though. Sigh.

bands you've never heard of 

Or maybe you have. I don't know. At any rate,
the following two bands are kind of obscure but
I love their music and more people should listen
to them. Anyway....

Galaxie 500-after they broke up, the lead singer
went out to form a band called Luna, who achieved
much wider recognition than Galaxie 500 did in
their heyday. G500 are similar to Luna , only I
think they're better. They're kind of swirly and
drony. They put out four records in the late 80's
and early 90's, one of which was a live record
recorded for Danish radio or somesuch. Their
best record is On Fire. My two favourite tracks
are called Decomposing Trees and....shoot, I
forget the name of the second one. It's a
very good rainy record. There's also a great
cover of New Order's Ceremony.

The Heart Throbs-if any of you out there still
remember the Heart Throbs I'll give you a
cookie. I saw them on 120 Minutes sometime
in 1990, which was probably the only time their
video was ever aired. The music is kind of Goth,
lots of keyboards and swirling guitars and dark
lyrics and such. It's very good music for the dead
of winter. So why am I listening to it so much at
the beginning of spring? I don't know.

If any of you who know me in real life would
like to borrow these cd's to burn them let me
know. If any of you out there who don't know
me in real life want to discuss these bands or
any other bands for that matter, feel free to
leave a comment or Email me.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

It was great. I loved it. I'm glad I waited to see
this movie on a big screen with a crowd that was
really into it as opposed to watching it by myself at

Sunday, April 11, 2004

I'm proud of me! 

I finally figured out how to cast off! After having several
friends show me how in addition to sitting there for a
while with Stitch-n-Bitch I finally got it! I did make one
mistake but I know what it was so I know not to do it
on my next knitting project.

Easter Sunday 

Some people are getting together with their families
and eating ham today. Me? I'm going to see the Texas
Chainsaw Massacre tonight. I'm enjoying the fact that
I'm going to see a slasher flick on a religious holiday.

random (kind of sad) memory 

Remember near the end of Indiana Jones and the
Last Crusade when Indy is hanging on to the tank and
the tank goes over the cliff? For a moment there all the
other characters think that Indy is dead. The first time
I saw the movie when I was fourteen I actually thought
that Indy was dead. Just for a moment there I was
crushed. It was such a relief when he came crawling
back over the edge of the cliff.

If I would have seen this movie for the first time
now, at the age of twenty-nine, I would have said to
myself "he's not dead he'll come back any second
now." Chalk everything up to loss of innocence, I
suppose. I can laugh at the naivete of my fourteen
year old self thinking that Indiana Jones had really
died for a moment.

Saturday, April 10, 2004


Last night after a stressful night at work (Film Festival),
I went home and watched Timeline while I knitted and
sipped a glass of hoegarden, my new favourite beer.
The movie was fun but kind of lame; the perfect thing to
which you can pay partial attention while you concentrate
on trying to cast off.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

you have the right to remain silent 

While waiting for the bus sometime in the recent
past, I saw the cops hall a couple of high school aged
people into the paddy wagon. While at the train
station this past Thanksgiving, I saw several cops
arresting a homeless man for allegedly assaulting

Whenever I see someone getting arrested I very
much wish I were elsewhere. I almost feel as if I'm
violating the privacy of both the arresters and the
arrestee. If those aren' t words, they are now.

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